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Award ! And the Oscar goes to....

by - 12:15 AM

Look, I have award. Four awards! I imagine that I sit down in front row and then Patrick Dempsey and Eddie Cahill read the nominees for the best writer. And the Oscar goes to........
Juliana Wina Rome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I stand up and cry along my way to the podium, receive the Oscar and kiss those two actors. After that maybe I collapse, because they are my favorite actors!!! Aiyoh. And then my Mom wakes me up in the middle of the night. I dreamed. Gosh. Forgive me as I'm dreaming too high.
Take a look my awards. It's not the Oscar, but it's souvenir from events that have been held by my former company. I was so excited when my company had an event (Golf Tournament, Bowling Tournament, Appreciation Night, etc). I was one of the committee, sponsorship. It's so exciting when I can collect various sponsorship, such as mugs, aircraft model, bags, scarfs, pens, umbrellas, money, tickets, hotel vouchers, and many things. In that event, we always give the award for the winner or the award as the event attendance. And you know what, if some guests were not attending the event, the awards would be left over. Ah, this was a very good chance for me to ask some of it by asking permission to the Head of Committee. Absolutely my friend will let me to have it some. It's cool.

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  1. niiiiiccccceeeeeeeeeee.... :D

    love to have you as my blogger friend!!! :D


  2. @Yhosie : thank u much, Chi. It's you who made it.


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