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Baksoooo....!Enak ya...? (meat ball soup)

by - 8:45 PM


I do still remember when United States President Mr. Barrack Obama came to my country Indonesia. Wow, it's unbelievable when for the first time he came to Indonesia, he lived in a poverty, and then after so many years, he came here as the United States President with luxurious welcoming and guarding. Amazing life. Mr. President was so impressed with the Indonesian food. And what I've heard from news in newspapers, he came to Indonesia just because he missed bakso, fried rice, and rambutan (a kind of fruit that is similar with lychee, someday I will show you the pictures). Now...I will talk about bakso here. As in front of the audience in Indonesia University (Universitas Indonesia), in his speech, Mr. President said bakso is delicious in Indonesian way, he said : enak ya...?

My hometown Malang city is famous with its bakso. Many local tourists who come here always want to eat bakso. In other places, bakso is not served completely like in Malang. We have the meat ball itself, in two types, soft and rugged, noodles, siomai (steamed ravioli filled with meat and open on the top), thin rice noodles, tofu, fried chicken heart, lontong (food consisting of rice steamed in a banana leaf), any types of fried meat and chicken. If you eat bakso, just choose what you like to put it in your bowl, and don't forget to add it with chili or we call it sambal, tomato sauce, and ketchup. Ah, it's really nice. Take a look at my bowl, bakso is ready to eat. I bought it at rainy noon, with my dad, I enjoy my bakso. Mangiare!

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