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Chicken Dance in Hot Spicy Sauce

by - 12:05 AM

Sometimes if you're hungry, you want to eat something special that is really delicious. Same with me here. For about five days I want to eat traditional fried chicken (without crispy flour) with hot spicy sauce (sambal). I need the chili is pulverized with terasi (terasi is condiment made from pounded and fermented shrimp or small fish), and added by a small slice of lime squeezing. I start to swallow my own saliva here. Hahahahaha. My Mom also makes macaroni krupuk (chips). She bought the macaroni and then fried it. Yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. I think hot rice in one plate is not enough to be enjoyed with the chicken that dance in hot spicy sauce. You will want it two plates or even more. Cold orange drink as the nice way to stop the sweat because of the hot spicy sauce.

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