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Spicy Grilled Fish ! It's Very Hot !

by - 5:23 PM


Do you like fish? I like fish very much. My Mom is come from Manado (North Sulawesi). She likes to cook various food at home in Manado flavor. Mostly she makes fish with very spicy spices. Almost every Sunday, my Mom starts to be very busy in the kitchen and makes her best grilled spicy fish. Usually the fish is mujair (it's local fish, freshwater fish widely stocked in inland water). It's our favorite fish. Once the fish is ready to be served, my brothers and I are standing in a queue while we bring plate filled by hot rice. We are waiting our Mom opens the grill and then gives the fish in our each plates. Then we eat it gobbled down. Prepare your tissue to clean your saliva when you see my pictures. Hehehehehe.

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