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Italy?!? I always feel amazed when I heard about Italy. For example : I have spent my time about four years in Rome. My response will be : "OMG!"
Another example : Wina, this is my friend from US. He has a mix blood. His father is Italian and his mother is American. My response will be : "You're so handsome!" I said with blink blink eyes of course. I just hold on my breath.
Why Italy is so beautiful? I've never been there. Just see the pictures from television, magazines, or postcards. Can you see the places like Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Rome, Milan? Lord, how much I wanna go and stay there someday. Please hear my prayers. Keep praying until something happen. Am I forcing you to much, Lord? Hope it's not. Hehehehehe.
Talking about Italy, hhmmmmmmmmmmm....it must has something to do with the football. You know what, I'm so crazy with the Italian League, well....when Italian League still have amazing players, Alessandro Del Piero (this is the man I love most), Alessandro Nesta (the sexy body), Fabio Cannavaro (my God, he's so handsome), Paolo Maldini (the sexy eyes), Francesco Totti, Stefano Fiore (so manly), Filippo Inzaghi, Christian Vierri. Aww....aww...awww...speechless to describe them. They're so handsome and amazing players. Black hair, beautiful eyes, nice smile, and....hhm...six pack stomach. I can't breathe. I have Italian League Magazines (a lot) and one mug of Italy. Hope someday there will be a lot of gift from Italy. Hahahahaha. Especially from handsome man like Alessandro Del Piero. But since some of those players have retired, I never continue to catch the news about football again. But for World Cup and Euro Cup, without any doubt, I always expect Italy become the winner. Go, go, Italy !!! I love Italy.

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