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Mango (Mangga Manalagi)

by - 3:15 PM


Mango has many types. In Indonesia we call it mangga. There are some names of mango. Such as mangga golek, mangga podang, mangga gadung, mangga arum manis, mangga apel, mangga manalagi. The last name is my favorite one. I like it very much. Have you tried it? This mango tastes sweet and a little bit sour in the edges. Once you clean it up the skin, and then you cut it, you can see, there is a darken color in the middle, and also some spots. The sweet taste comes from there. It will be nicer if you put it in the refrigerator before it's served. See my pictures. It's suitable if you eat it at noon, a couple hours after lunch. Fresh!

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2 komentar

  1. i love GADUNG!!!!!

    end of story! :D

  2. @Yhosie : hahahahaha. I don't really like it, Chi. What I love most is Manalagi.


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