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My Men....

by - 5:55 PM

My Papa
My UncleMy Second Brother
My Third BrotherWhen you feel very happy because they can protect you, guide you, and inspire you...I'm sure that they're type of good people. Good people always have kindness, patience, and love in their hearts. I love these men a lot. I repeat...a lot! Why? Because they always be there when I need them. You can't imagine how they always give me their fully support and their best advisory for me...through my up and down...anytime. They are my Papa, my brothers, and my uncle. Papa is my strength to move on, my brothers are my best friend to share everything, and my uncle is my inspiring model how to achieve my bright future, I learn from him many things how to be a mature woman who covered by spirit, self-confidence, intelligence, wisdom, and fashion. Hahahaha. Can you believe that? Yes, it's true. My uncle who will be the first critic if he saw me in a bad haute couture. He said that a woman must look elegant. But please do not forget about being modest and low profile. Do not be an arrogant person, he said. So far, I did that. And hopefully I will always be just like that and won't change at all. Oh, my men are four here. Someday the pictures should be seven. Added by my future husband and two of my future sons. Sya la la la la la la...someday.

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