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Nasi Kuning : Yellow Rice :-)

by - 10:58 PM

Nasi kuning is one of Indonesian traditional food. Usually it is used for special ceremony which is called SELAMATAN. The rice is colored into yellow. 
For big ceremony, the rice is shaped like cone, placed into big plate we called TAMPAH/TEMPEH (made from wood). And then the cone rice surrounded by various dish such as roasted chicken, tofu, soybean cake, fried egg, nuts, shredded meat that has been boiled and fried, potato that has been fried and given spices, sate (small pieces of meat roasted on skewer), emping (chips made of pounded new rice toasted), or others based on the flavor.

Do you want to know how to make nasi kuning? 

Scrape the coconut and turmeric. 
Boil the milk squeezed from coconut together with 
water squeezed from turmeric. 
Just add with lemongrass, 
daun salam (bay leaf) and daun jeruk (kaffir lime leaf)
Wait until it's boiling 
and then pour the rice and stir it up until the water is absorbed. 
After that just moved it into rice cooker 
and just cook the rice like the usual way. 
Hhm, delicious. 

I will give you the picture of nasi kuning. 
But this is not the shape for SELAMATAN, 
I still don't have the picture. 
Someday if there is SELAMATAN, I will show you. 

Here is nasi kuning, 
I bought it in WARUNG near my office 
Warung : small restaurant 
Oh, you can put basil too on it. 
Bon a petit.

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