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Truly Night Dish

by - 11:28 AM

My normal weight should be 54 or 55 kg. But, once I stay closely with my Mom, then it will increase successfully as she is my best chef ever. Started from increased 2 kg on first week after I have arrived at my hometown again on March 2010. Became 3 kg on third week. Added by 5 kg on the next week, and then I can gain 10 kg, and argggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my total weight is 65 kg right now. I become similar with Hulk if I wore my clothes as all the size are under S/M. I can't breathe, I can't run, I can't dance, I can't jump. All of it just because a ton of fat in my body. Fiuuhhhh. What happen with me huh? I think I become greedy. So ashamed to tell it. Hahahahaha. It's okay. I have made rule, I don't want to eat at night very often, and I have to eat fruits and make a lot of juice. My truly night dish is must be fruit. Only fruit! Ah, I have measured, my weight today is 63 kg. Reducing another 7 kg.

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