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Bamboo Shoot...

by - 1:54 AM

 Sayur rebung (in Indonesian, sayur = vegetable, rebung = bamboo shoot)

What do you see about bamboo? I'm sure that you're gonna set your mind about making traditional furniture, souvenir, paper, or even house material that will look lovely if it used bamboo. But...in here, bamboo can be cooked. Wonder? Yes, bamboo shoot is a menu which can be categorized as vegetable. I think there is no content inside, I mean like vitamin, zinc, magnesium, calcium, or iron. But bamboo shoot is delicious. Or is there anyone know what is the content of it? It's usually cooked by using milk squeezed from coconut and cut into simple slices. It tastes sweet and juicy. My mom often cook this vegetable and the soulmate is spicy sardines. Hhm...yummy. Put the boiled egg into spicy sardines, has made my lunch today so delicious. Thanks Mom! 

*my lunch today*
 bamboo shoot
 spicy sardines

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