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B'Fast on 1st Day in 2011

by - 11:42 AM

Hoahhmmmmmmmmmm....I'm still sleepy. Last night I watched many movies on television and DVD as well, together with my family.
The weather is nice today. Hhm, I plan to take a nap later. I'm hungry. Still early in the morning, I'm lazy to eat complete menu. So, I take mango pudding from refrigerator, as I have made it by myself yesterday, make green tea, and I sit down in my dining room, I'm enjoying my breakfast on first day in 2011.

I think it's healthy and...I think that I have to listen what my Mom said a few days ago : "Wina, just do your diet seriously will you? Do not keep eating." 
I just feel...she's worried that I'm getting bigger. Hahahahaha. 
No, I won't. I know the limit. Trust me, Mom. I don't like extreme diet as I'm not supermodel. Maybe I will stop to eat at night. That's the only reason who can make me slimmer and healthier. 

Food is nice you know...and I love food. Hahahahaha. Why so serious? (joker mode on)

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