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by - 4:19 PM

My mom bought snacks for me today. It's quite surprising as the snacks existed since my childhood and it's still be sold until now. The snacks that has been ate usually when I was at elementary school. I asked my mom how to make it and she tried to remember. And then she explained to me the steps one by one. I heard it amazingly as the way to make it is so traditional. The dry corn is fried by using sand, specific sand that must be kept in a clay pot for about one night. It must use sand in order to hide the corn explodes. Boil the sugar in another pan until it changed thick. And while the sugar is still warm, pour the rising corn into it. Shape it roundly and let it cold for a couple minutes and then ready to serve. We call it brondong here, hhm...maybe similar with popcorn but it's the traditional one. Would you like to try it? Be careful if you eat brondong, because the combination between corn and the thick sugar can be very dangerous for your teeth. It can be sticky on your gum and teeth as well. 

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