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**Crunchy & Crumbly**

by - 1:36 AM

If Uncle Gober kept swimming in his money pool, while me? Getting closer with Christmas day, I'm swimming in cookies and snacks pool. Look at the right side, look at the left side, they are spreading like carpet. My Mom and my Dad have bought various cookies and snacks.There are chocolate cookies, nastar, castengel, various peanuts, and various chips. Hhhhmmmm...it feels like I'm inside a bakery shop. All of my relatives will come to my house on Christmas. Wanna join with me? Taste all of the crunchy and crumbly group?

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2 komentar

  1. :D ...

    my christmas cookies theme this year would be


  2. Hahahahahhahaha. Me more various. Not only chocolate. I swim everyday in a cookies pool. Yummmyyy and of coz getting bigger too like baloon.


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