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Drowning in Eggs

by - 1:34 PM

I was confused last night, what I must ate? As before I drink my medicine, I must eat. I went to the kitchen. Took some eggs, chili, salt, sausage, and leek. I thought that I would made an omelet. Simple omelet as I didn't put other ingredients like usual, such as smoked beef, cheese, paprika, or tomato. I just wanted the simple one as I still didn't have appetite to eat. 
Hhm, I was drowning in eggs actually. I couldn't finish to eat, then I called my brother to help me eating. Wkwkwkwkwkwk. 

 Fried the eggs
 Beautiful color of my omelet
  Omelet of me and the rice,
I added the ketchup 

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2 komentar

  1. nice ...

    wish i can find my appetite back..
    havent really eat something since sunday :(
    sunday i only have dinner ..
    monday , i had bubur sumsum for breakfast n lunch.
    monday bubur sumsum again ..

    im lucky i can stand by myself! hahahahha

  2. Be patient. You're getting better. Just keep reading my post, I'm sure that you will get your appetite back.
    Get well soon, my friend.


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