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Dynamic Duo

by - 11:57 PM

It's always great if I had time and spent it with my best friend. We can talk and share everything, we're laughing loudly and then felt hungry. Don't even try to stop us in ordering food if we're hungry or we will come directly to the places who sell many delicious food. Today, at noon, my best friend wanted to check various cookies for Christmas time. Felt confused and she decided not to buy anything, argggghhh. And it made my eyes saw this dynamic duo. Hehehehe...I thought that for so long I didn't eat this cake. The name is spiku. This cake is yummy, soft, simple shape, and consists of two colors, yellow and dark brown. I cut it into some slices and ate it with my mom and my brothers. I put the rest slices in the refrigerator and will serve it for breakfast tomorrow. Hhm...hot tea to complete it.

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2 komentar

  1. waakakkakkaa....

    i wasnt really want to go there to buy cookies...
    i love only their dynamic duo.
    that is why i cant but it yesterday ..
    coz i want to send it to my in laws
    i have to get the package ready first before i cant buy some ... :D

  2. Hahahahahaha. Don't forget to buy something for me too. (ngarep jajan.com)


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