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Hang Out with Vampires!!!

by - 12:18 AM

I went to the internet station because I have to search PDF program as I don't have it in my laptop. Finished to format my document, then I felt hungry and really wanted to eat something gravy, as Malang is very cold lately. Directly three of us...my 2nd brother, his girlfriend, and I went to the food court at Ngglintung area. Hehehehe, the name of area is very Javanese name. Actually this is a traditional place for people to eat which is open until late at night. It's similar with food court because it serves various food. We call it Pujasera here and there are many Pujasera in my town with each different names of it. Well, I hang out with vampires. Ate food almost midnight is like vampires to me. Added fat in my body. 

Various Food at JMG Pujasera

*Hot Ginger Milk*
 *Boiled Noodles*
 *Complete Grilled Rib*
(rice with fried shallot, gravy, chili, bean sprouts)
  *Hot Tea*
 *Sate (small pieces of chicken roasted on skewer)*
 *Hot Orange Squeezed*

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2 komentar

  1. hhmmm...
    grilled rib
    maybe it can bring back my appetite

  2. Hahahahahaha. Go there soon then. My brother said it's yummy, Chi.


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