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Hey, It's 2011!!!

by - 9:56 PM

Boom.....boom.....boom.....!!! Bang.....bang.....bang.....!!!
So noisy out there. People are busy to prepare parties. They're waiting the clock moves to 12. My family and I only stay at home. We bought many snacks and my Mom has made kolak (I have attached kolak in my previous blog today) in a big pan. So I think it's enough to spend the last "night" in 2010. 

I will pray when the watch has shown 12 o'clock later. I will say thank you so much to Jesus, who always take care of me during 2010. He always gives His love for me and my family also. He always extends His hand when we need help. And to me...I always feel it everyday. 

I just want to keep hoping that Jesus will always give me His blessings in 2011. What I want from His blessing is that, one of them....may He will guide my mind and my hands, so that I am able to keep writing beautifully. I do realize that talent is given by Him. So bless me, Lord.

For others...I will let Him to manage it. I trust Him fully. 
Hey, it's 2011!!!!!!!! Come on everybody....keep smiling, keep on spirit, keep doing the good things in your life, and just let God does the rest. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011, Everyone!!!!!

Owh, forgot one thing : I will keep eating!!! Hahahahahahaha...mamamia...yummy....yummy....

Open this link, you might be surprised, many pictures 
of delicious food are so great and makes my saliva
keeps flowing down

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4 komentar

  1. im spending my new years eve snuggling with D and ringgo , in front of our Tv set since 8 PM...
    falls asleep and wake up just 10 minutes before 12! hahaha

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011!!!

  2. Hahahahahahaha. Me too. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011, my friend.

  3. btw,... kasian tuh yg dsebelah pusing
    kepalanya bentur tembok mulu hahahhahhaa

  4. Hahahahahahha, aku seneng nemen itu. Lucu. Mangkane pas nyari ada, lgs tak ambil. Liat donk tulisan sebelahnya, Wish I Could Be Part of The World, itu yg bentur"in kepalanya aku sendiri dadakno, saking stres'e pengen menjadi bagian dari dunia. Halah!


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