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I'm So In Love...!!!

by - 12:04 AM

Can you believe how is it like when you're in love? Amazing right? Especially if you can have an intensely, frequently meeting? Wow...it's fantastic. Like me!!!(joker mode on) I'm so in love with CSI:NY!!! Yes, true....CSI:NY!!! I can watch it almost everyday on television, AXN or Fox Crime. I just think that how brilliant are the creators. Just wanna give them thousand thumbs up. 

They are Det. Mac Taylor (my favorite), Det. Stella Bonasera (I wanna be like her), Det. Lindsay Monroe, Det. Danny Messer (the sexy bad boy), Det. Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, Dr. Sid Hammberback, Adam Ross (the weird and funny guy), and Det. Don Flack (the most I love!!!) 
To see these people work so hard to break the cases are very interesting. Along the movie play on I keep imagining that I can be there too, work with them. I often smile to see how Det. Don Flack only has a little patience in facing the suspect or even the defendant, with serious face, quick and explicit words, anger, I think he can be a real detective also outside the movie. Owh, God....who can stand to see his beautiful blue eyes? *complete information about CSI:NY*
"Sir, you call me for this interview because you need an additional assistant in your lab?" Juliana Wina Rome said.
"Don't call me Sir. Just call me Mac. After I've reviewed your resume, you're accepted and you can start to work by today. You're in the same lab with Det. Danny Messer." Det. Mac Taylor said.
"Thank you so much, Mac. You won't be disappointed." Juliana Wina Rome said.
"Hey, I need you to come with me to check on that apartment. Stella said the suspect might be there." Det. Don Flack said.
"Oh, ok. We can go now. I'm gonna leave this document to Adam." Juliana Wina Rome said.
"Okay." Det. Don Flack said.

I can scream all day long if it's true. I can not imagine if I work with those two men. All I can say is only *FANTASTIC!* This movie is fantastic!!! I love it!!! I love it!!!! And I love it!!!

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