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Inside the Heart ; The Way to God

by - 2:18 AM

Before God made man, He thinks that all human being will have many different life experiences. And God thinks also, if I made them, what will I do so that they will always remember me as their creator?
"God really wants His people to be close with Him like parents want to stay close with their children.”
In a day we are not talking with Him, He will miss us very much. He will watch from heaven and said : “My child, please come to me.” 

And then God thinks again, I know that only religion will bring them to me. And God knows well, if in this world only have one religion, not all of people will believe it and it might made them abandon Him as well. Only with religion, people will understand Him and come to Him.

And then God decided, in this world there will be many kind of religions and He sends the prophet each of it to deliver His message. God sends another prophet to deliver another message of other religion. That’s the continuation until there is variety of religions in this world.

But God is very sad. When I have made this all happened, there are still some people who do not believe Him. Like children who never admit their parents existence.

And God has his own sadness when people fight for religion. They fight in the name of religion. People are hard to understand that the truth in this world will never stand in a perfectness until they met Him.
Fight, battle, violence in the name of religion will be never end, as religion is existed not to be quarreled. Religion is existed to be done honestly and purely. Religion is only the way for us to talk with Him and to be close with Him.

The only truth that can be judged by people is only their own behavior, whether they’re good or bad. Not to be seen by their religion, because each religion always has the good one and the bad one.

Do not judge people from their religion. God won’t see any of it. The only thing He needs is an intense closeness with Him personally without seeing any kind of way they come to Him. This world will stay in a great peacefulness if our personal relation with God will never be quarreled in the universe.

If there are any bad people in this world, just judge them by law, but not judge their religion, because no religions in this world teach the negative things to their followers. And one more thing, please keep believing in Him as because of His power, we can be existed in this lovely world.

Peace for This World.:-)

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