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It's Tuna....n Kolak....

by - 7:19 PM

My lunch today was so complete. Rice, fish, vegetable, until dessert. My Mom cooked tuna fish. We call it here ikan tongkol (ikan = fish ; tongkol = tuna), and the kangkung (leafy vegetable, growing in water) as the vegetable.

Ah, nice....

I like tuna very much, whether it is fried and eat with sauce (sambal), make into rica rica (Manadonese), grill, or even make into abon (shredded tuna that has been boiled and fried). But today my Mom made tuna rica rica....and like usual it's very spicy :-)

This dessert is called kolak here. Kolak is sweet compote made of starchy fruits (casava, banana, etc)
stewed in coconut milk and sugar.

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