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Pancake Time !

by - 2:05 AM

All of the pictures taken from Kedai Pancake Bakar Facebook
The last time I ate pancake was about 10 months ago. I had my own breakfast, a honey pancake and hot coffee. It was very delicious. Today at 11.00 pm suddenly I wanted to eat pancake. I just thought, where I'm gonna buy it in my hometown, I didn't know where is the cafe who can serve pancake. Like usual, I always think about it while I kept browsing fashion link on my Facebook.
And you know what, on coincidence, I found the page of Kedai Pancake Bakar. I didn't remember at all that I have become Kedai Pancake Bakar's friend. Hahahahaha. Too many friends on my Facebook list I guess. Horeeyyyyyyyyyy. And the location exists in my hometown. I opened their menu, oh la la...everything is my favorite dish. I started to buzz my future sister in law and asked her to eat pancake with me on Saturday this week. She was excited also and with pleasure will join with me to come on Mayjend Panjaitan 92 street, Malang. Ah, I can't wait for another three days more. See the pictures and you're gonna like it. Oh, maybe it can be your choice also for your breakfast tomorrow. Here's their link on Facebook.
Or search their website http://www.kedaipancakebakar.com

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