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by - 5:36 PM

I love Sunday because it's time for treatment. Body treatment, hair treatment, pedicure, and manicure. In the afternoon, I start my body and hair treatment. I used traditional scrub and also sandalwood oil. After my body feels soft,clean, and smells good, I continue to rub my my hair with jasmine, tea, and last hair vitamin so that it will look smooth and shinny. I do all of that by myself, at home. Hehehehehe. Sometimes my brothers screamed loudly to me as I spent too much time in the bathroom. 

Feel fresh, then I start to take all of my pedicure tools, and clean my nails. Cut it shortly and neatly, wash it with foot scrub, dry it, rub it with baby oil, and then last... coloring my nail. I choose the soft color for this week. By the way, I like to buy pedicure products from Oriflame. Do you know that brand? I'm sure you do. It's good because the price it's not too expensive and it can make your foot looks nice and clean if you used it. I bought three products for my own pedicure treatment, foot scrub, foot cream, and deodorising foot powder. Try it and find the products in the Oriflame website. You're gonna like it.
Ah...I will continue my manicure treatment for tomorrow as I'm still tired and need much time to lay down on my bed. 


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