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Simply Mix of Tahu Tek

by - 10:55 PM

many times the man who sells tahu tek,
knocks the fried pan in front of my house. 
I heard it from bathroom as I was still on shower. 
I screamed and told my brother to buy me one. 
"Lots of chili please!" I reminded. 

Finished my shower and tahu tek already served on the dining table. 
I started to sit down and ate it. 

In Indonesia, this traditional food is called tahu tek. 
Tahu : tofu ; tek means the sound from the knocking fried pan. 

If you look at the pictures, 
the ingredients are fried tofu, rice steamed in banana leaf (lontong),  
fried egg, bean sprouts, and peanut sauce. 
Mix them all in peanut sauce...
and then give little slices of celery on it.  

The man brings the push cart,
inside it there is small box to put the ingredients. 
There is a small stove 
and fried pan to fry the tofu and egg. 

In my country...
there are many vendors pass by 
along the way in the housing complex. 
Various food are sold, not only tahu tek
and if you're lazy to cook, 
you can buy the food from these traditional vendors. 
It's cheap and delicious.

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