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Soto Ayam [Chicken Soup]

by - 5:10 PM

Damn of me! I was too tired because of everything about Christmas. I tried so hard not to be sick, but finally collapsed. Prepared the decoration, cooked delicious food with my Mom, cleaned the house, and visited relatives. Exhausted! Now, I'm fever. Feels sick. I have no appetite to eat. Just keeps drinking hot tea. Then at noon, I'm hungry. I decide to buy chicken soup. We call it here Soto Ayam. And my favorite one is Soto Ayam Lamongan at Oro Oro Dowo street 147 C. Why is Lamongan? Lamongan is a city, in East Java also, and this place is famous with Soto Ayam. See the pictures below. I suggest if you're fever and lazy to eat, come here. The soup is delicious. Slluuurrrpppppp....

 the chicken is hung in banana leaf 
the bowl is filled by the ingredients 

  see the chicken wing and the iron wok

the man is busy to serve
the gravy is poured into the bowl
the man said to me : "Miss, please take a picture of me too."
I said : "Okie dokie, Sir. You'll be famous after this."

the chips (kerupuk)
voila, the chicken soup is ready !

   don't forget to add the chili

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