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Spa @ Home

by - 3:45 PM

Do you like if your body felt soft, clean, and shinny? I'm sure you like it especially women. I mean...especially me...hehehehe...
Hhm....I don't really like to do my body treatment at beauty salon, because I had a little trauma here. I did massage and body scrub one day, and then I saw the sheet was not clean and it did not change after previous guest. Huhuhuhuhuhu, I hate that. I just went directly to my bathroom and took a shower after got back from beauty salon. I thought the place was nice, but it wasn't. So, I decided to do it at home since then. I bought the body scrub (we call it lulur in Indonesian and I prefer the traditional one), massage oil, lotion, soap, and do not forget this : aroma therapy. Sometimes I do need privacy for my body spoiled and mind relief. 

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