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My 2nd brother's girlfriend would like to go home and I stand up in front of the gate to waive my hand. Suddenly the man knocks the bowl. He rides the motorcycle while he keeps making that sound. Ting...ting...ting...ting....!!! I said to my 2nd brother's girlfriend, that's nice...plus the wind blows quite hardly, so the weather is cold. She directly parks her motorcycle and asks me to buy.

That food is called *Angsle*. It's Javanese traditional food. You can read it like this : [angslei]. The food is consists of small bread slices, glutinous rice, mung bean, mutiara, petulo, and hot coconut milk. This food can be made as dessert or you can eat it when rainy day because the weather must be cold and you need to warm your body.
*Mutiara : made from tapioca flour while petulo made from rice flour*

 Angsle is brought by motorcycle. 
There is a quite big box behind the driver, 
filled by the ingredients

The ingredients : small bread slices, mutiara (pink), 
petulo (bright green),
glutinous rice, and mung bean

The hot coconut milk. 
Beside the ingredients box, 
there is a traditional stove
using charcoal to make this coconut milk stay hot

 Angsle is ready!!!

We sit down on the floor, in front of my garden, 
together we eat this delicious angsle

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