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by - 10:23 PM

Twinkle twinkle little stars....
Kids often sing a song not in coincidence
Listening when they are singing is wonderful

Hey, this kid said : "I have something for ya!"
Yes, this kid is right.
I have something.
Finally, my kids book have been approved by the publisher
They have replied my e-mail today and it has been discussed
the book price.
Ah, I thank to Jesus for this.
It's still running for printing process.
Hopefully it can be published by next week. 

I wrote this book as I'm inspired with any news about kids lately.
Kids in Elementary school has committed to suicide 
because they're living in a poverty.
Or kids become wild creature as the parents already gave up 
to manage them
Parents don't know how to deliver good messages to their children
I do hope my book able to reduce those difficulties
although only in small percentage
But....at least I have done something
At least!!!

I took the title traditionally. Hehehehehe.
Well, that's because I live in a traditional environment
And I'm still in Indonesia until this now
(wondering mode on : "Where am I going actually?")
So...I have to describe various life that happen in my country
my beautiful country
Kids life, news, or food.
Just read this book for your kids
Buy this book for your kids, parents!
Or in Italian says,
Comprare questo libro per i vostri bambini, i genitori!
I'm sure they're gonna like it
I like the word bambini (mean kids), sounds cute, hihihihi...

PS : I love kids. They're so cute.

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