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by - 2:24 AM

Some people and my best friend always say nice words to me. And those words can make my eyes are glistening with tears, amazed, or even speechless.


I just keep wondering, is it possible? Is it too easy for only do that? Just think and dream? Let me tell you something, I never have a fully spirit, until my best friend told me to watch THE SECRET. I do understand what is the thought inside that lesson. But I just follow the simple things. I write down all my dreams in my book. It's like agenda with black color cover. I never realize it at all as I wrote it in 2006. I guess. One of my dreams is : God, I hope someday I can publish my books to the whole world. 

And it's done!
Take a deep breath because it's my happiness.

And now, another dream in my list is still running. I really don't know...what is the final result. Hope it can be done. God who will decide it. I'm nervous and scare. Definitely. But...

Deep down in my heart...
I will be optimist
Hope again, God like my optimism


Jesus .... doy todo en sus manos. 
Quedate a mi lado siempre ya que no puedo hacer nada sin su guia. 
En el nombre del Padre, Hijo y Espiritu Santo. 

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2 komentar

  1. my heart beat so fast when i realize one of my dreams come true.. ^_^
    just be ready for anything ... be or not to be
    just keep up the spirit in you sist ..

    CA YO!

  2. Thank u much, Chi! I will keep trying.


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