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Black Medicine

by - 3:48 PM

I did not have a good quality of my sleep last night
It makes me a little bit dizzy
My brothers have called me "a bat"
As I always sleep in the early morning
Hahahaha...I love to be called like that
Make me more similar with Batman
My handsome dark knight

Well, I think...
I need my black medicine right now
If I did not drink it, then I can't write
So...here it is...

My black medicine is kopi SIDO MULIA
Kopi is coffee
In my previous blog stories, I often attach my mug
and the coffee inside it
But incorrectly in writing the brand
It should be SIDO MULIA instead of SIDOMULYO
This is my town local brand coffee


I like it
Once I drink my black medicine
Everything is clear and fresh again now
I'm not addicted anymore as I often meet  Mr. Insomnia,
but I like to drink coffee sometimes
Wanna have a cup of coffee with me?

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