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Black Skin

by - 1:10 AM

I'm so lucky that I have black skin. I think it's lovely. Hahahahaha. Why it's lovely? Because I won't be afraid of mosquitos bites. Once they gave you a bite, your skin will look red right? But not too clearly if you had black skin like me. Hahahahaha. 

I got a package tonight, from my uncle.
Actually for my Mom, but I have a small part also.
Here it is!
 These are dodol and wajit.
Both of them are our traditional snacks.
It's come from Bandung.
Bandung is also beautiful city in West Java.
In this picture, their skin color looks brown huh?
I think it's black.
Dodol and wajit are made from glutinous rice.
Their shape a little bit rough.

More soft than wajit.

Both of them taste sweet.
Sweet black skin.
Wanna try?

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2 komentar

  1. DODOL LOE!?? hah ? hahahhaa
    maksdnya : mau dodol ? :p

    hihihi beda yah


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