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भारत से खाद्य

by - 9:07 PM

I tried to search from the internet, how to write an Indian words. But the response was in Hindi writing. Well, that's okay. 

My 2nd brother really like this food. It's come from India, he said. It must be fried. 

I think it tastes like curry spices inside
 The meat is seasoned by curry spices
Looks pretty and yummy right?
 As usual, added by chili sauce 
Has made sambozas taste good
My 2nd brother said, the price is cheap
There are 10 pieces in one box
and it costs Rp 18.000,- = + USD 2.00
You can have this for your dinner
भारत से खाद्य
(Food from India)
Eating the samboza while you're watching Shahrukh Khan's movie

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  1. @Yhosie : it's nice, Chi. Try it someday. Or if you want to, I can buy it for you, then you can fry it at home.

  2. I don't like this, smell like armpit lol


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