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Come Here, Boy!

by - 10:44 PM

Yellow Paper
Chef Hat 
A Boy is Smiling Friendly

Those are simple features
Once People Pass By 
They Are Not Just Looking in A Glance
They Will Come 
Sniff in The Yummy Smell

 Come Here,Boy!
It's Roti Boy
(roti is bread)
I love this bread
Simple and Delicious

Are You Ready To See What is Inside This Yellow Paper?
Here It Is!!!

Brown Skin
And Tastes Crunchy in The Edge

And Then....
Take A Look Deeper

Sweet Melting Butter 
Hhm...I Guarantee...You Will Eat This More Than 1
Like Me....! I Have Eaten 2
(devils laughter mode on)

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4 komentar

  1. hhmm.. ini pasti hasil dr MOG ... hahhahha..

  2. @Yhosie : hahahahahahhaa.Luwe...bingung katene maem opo, akhir'e tuku iki.

  3. I'm drolling noooowwww.... :'( arrrghhh


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