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Delirious %$#@^&%*#@!&*

by - 2:23 AM

Open the link...then smile.
View it again...then smile again.
Another one follower join....then scream...yey...!!!
Open the link...then smile...then chat with my best friend and said...
"Look, a lot of visitors!!!"

It's amazing you know that. When I can see more than five hundred people from many different countries visit my blog. I can't say other words beside "AMAZING". Wow...! I never thought that people will like to read my blog (although I still don't have many followers, never mind). Never thought about it before. As my writing is only amateur, too simple, and even my friend from Australia said : "You must use English - English...not Indonesian - English" Hahahahahaha. She said that honestly and I think that I must learn a lot from her too as she has stayed in that country for so long. Pardon me, my friend. What I should get, A...B...or C? Don't give me D please? (begging mode on).

Keep talking....

I wish I could talk with all of those visitors. That would be nice I guess. Wow...having a lot of friends from around the world? It's fantastic.
Keep talking...

Hhm...I'm asking them, one by one...what do they like from my blog? What do they like most from my food posting? And they answer it 
with enthusiasm.

Keep talking...

I have just realized that I'm delirious
while drinking Starbucks hot chocolate too. 
(in my town there is no Starbucks cafe) 

Oh, my....

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2 komentar

  1. win ,..
    better u not mention about we dont have starbuck's cafe in Malang! hahahhaha... *sigh*

    english - english huh ? :D off course we need to learn more from Susan, since we learn english from indonesian instead of native speakers.... :p

    XoXo ..

  2. @Yhosie : hahahahahaha. I did that on purpose, so that if a lot of people read this, then suddenly Starbucks will be existed in Malang, Chi.
    How much we have to pay Susan as native speaker?


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