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Eat like A Baby....

by - 2:04 PM

Today is Sunday and my Mom made her special menu. 
It's a porridge which is called Bubur Manado 
Bubur : porridge 

 Why it's called Bubur Manado?
Because this food is come from Manado
(Manado is in North Sulawesi island) 

This porridge is very healthy 
because consists of rice, corn, cassava, 
and vegetables (kangkung, spinach, and basil). 
As the additional, she fried salty fish 
(ikan asin ; pindang), and sambal terasi (chili sauce using terasi).

So this Sunday....all of us eat like a baby. Hehehehe. 
*Terasi is dried shrimp paste (condiment made from pounded and fermented shrimp or small fish). 
Kangkung is leafy vegetable usually growing in a water.

We can eat it with sambal teri also
Teri : white anchovy/alici (dried tiny sea fish)

Let me show you the process...;-)
Rice and corn are boiled
Kangkung, spinach, and basil are washed
then put in the wok, together with rice and corn

This is salty fish,
we call it pindang
And last is the spectacular chili sauce
Chili and tomato
Salt and dried shrimp paste
All of them are pulverized in this mortar
Like this

Cheap, simple, and healthy.

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