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Look At Me....!!! (joker mode on)

by - 2:40 AM

Hey, look at me....!!!
Like joker said. Hehehehehe. 
{I love this movie very much}
{Joker in THE DARK KNIGHT. Have you seen that movie?}
{I'm sure you have.}
{I like to quote some words in that movie, hihihihi}

Friends...I'm still in the process to finish my two novels. You're gonna love it because these two books are unique. Why I said unique? Because I will publish my first novel, I mean...the first novel when I started to write a story with novel style. A novel when I had my first idea. That's the beginning. 

Be loved by a man who has everything even though he sits on a wheelchair…has made Blanca smile forever.


Second is...Honesty. I need three months at that time to write this. This novel is very very very special for me as I'm inspired with this man. A man who is very famous, very smart, very handsome, very brilliant, very sexy, very kind, very down to earth, and other thousand "very" who really is existed on him. I used his name on my novel, I read the news on sport magazines about him...and then...it can be a beautiful story which is a purely my own imagination. Purely imagination. So...what are you waiting for? Just buy it soon later!!!

The beautiful and talented painter Catilia just accompany her football maniac best friend go to Torino. What is going on in that city? What happen between Catilia and the handsome Juventus striker?


Don't forget to buy it later. And don't forget to read it until
finished. I guarantee you will feel amazed.
Btw...just check at www.nulisbuku.com in order to
purchase my books. Search my name Juliana Wina Rome.
Well, see those novel covers, that is template
from www.nulisbuku.com
Hope it can be published soon as I'm still on editing process
on my own.
I just wanna say 

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