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Mr. Cassava...

by - 3:33 PM

I heard my Mom is frying something. I just feel that she must be cooking. I start to look at the kitchen. And....she is frying cassava. Hhm....it's nice. I think I'm going to make a coffee. 

*Salt and garlic already pulverized softly in the mortar and add with water. Cut the cassava into small slices, wash it, then put it into mortar. Stir up the slices of cassava in the mortar then fry it.*

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4 komentar

  1. i have a secret recipe for cassava!!
    i bet u'll love it!!

  2. Whuaaaaa,send it into my mail then. Or other alternative way is that : you make it then you deliver it into my house. That's better I guess!

  3. @Dien itam : hahaahahah, sini gih. Ntar gw buatin sekalian ama kopinya, Dien.


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