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Kue Lumpur

by - 10:01 PM

I've just finished washing some glasses, saucers, and spoons. Helped my Mom as there were 4 people came into my house. They are my neighbors. Like usual, they did visitation, just want to be friendly and closely each other as we are living in the same complex. Achieving community harmony. 

I was still busy in the kitchen until my Mom called me.

"Come here, please. Look, Mrs. Nuriman brings your favorite cake!"

I came to the living room and saw it. Ah, it's a mud. Hehehehe. Not the real mud of course. It's traditional Javanese cake. We call it here kue lumpur (kue : cake, lumpur : mud). Funny isn't it? I don't know why people call this cake as kue lumpur. Maybe the shape just like mud clump. It tastes sweet and contains of coconut slices in it. Yummy. My neighbors said, she forgot to put the raisin on the top of it. But it's okay, it's still delicious. Hot tea as a friend.

I'm excited to continue my writing as I have friends now, hot tea and mud cake. Hahahahaha.


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