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My Second Home

by - 6:30 PM

I'm back!

For three days I have been flying to my second home. Yup, my second home. Jakarta. I didn't bring my laptop, so you can imagine how much I miss it. Miss my laptop very much. Now, I'm here again and want to take all of you in my private tour. Ready? Let's get started!

I took these pictures from my hotel floor

I'm phobia with the altitude
When I stayed in a hotel...
I always request : do not place me in a high floor,
not more than 20th floor
It can make me dizzy hardly
Those cars look like toy

Let's walk to the hotel
I like to take the pictures inside 
as I'm crazy about 
the furniture design, decoration
It can inspire me how to decorate my own house someday


I was thirsty...one step to my hotel room
I drank the water 
 Put my suitcase

Hung my blazer

Furniture design


        Body relaxation

It was a nice place, simple, clean, and comfortable
I could sleep soundly

Another story will be continued in my other articles
Keep opening my page everyone!!!

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