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by - 7:36 PM

I'm a dreamer...! Hehehehehe...
But I've read a nice quote : If you can dream it, you can do it (from blogger Design On The Edge)

Yesterday, I accompanied my brother went to mall and I saw there are beautiful lady's watches in a counter. I couldn't stop to look at it. As it's very cool. You know what, I asked the seller to try it. And it's absolutely pretty on my wrist. 
I turned it back to the seller...but still I kept looking on it...while I prayed...dear GOD...bless my hand so that I can work, earn money, and buy that. AMEN. 

My NEXT dream!

DKNY Silver Watch
The Price after Discount Rp 876.000,- 
+ USD 97.33
I saw the break-up movie
and I like Jennifer Aniston's watch 
I think it's similar like this

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