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No Meat No Fish Today

by - 6:26 PM

Yey....when I checked on my shelf, I did not notice that I have these cute saucers from Indomie (Indomie is our local brand instant noodle). Hahahaha. I thought that I only have one. I love this saucers because the shape it's quite deep so I can put my gravy food on it. 

I won't discuss about the saucers, but I will share to you my lunch today. Hhm..it's a little bit late because I took it at 3.30 pm. I ate very simple and healthy food as my diet program is still running although not too serious anyway. Hahahahaha. 

Simple Food, No Meat, No Fish
 Corn Rice
 Spring bean
 Fermented Soybean Cake
My mom made this pickles. It's ala Manado.
Cut the cucumber, tomato, chili, and shallot into small slices
Stir it up. 
Give a little salt and lemonade squeezing.
Stir it up again so that the mixture tastes perfectly juicy
Some of my friends asked me...how can I reduce the fat in my body so quickly? Yes, indeed I can reduce 4 kg within 2 weeks. Actually the steps are simple. If you don't mind, I'll write it down here and maybe you can do it like me.

1. Do not eat too much. You can eat many times in a day with little portion.
2. No sugar added in any drink you like, such as tea or coffee. If you want to taste it sweet, better you use honey or diet sugar.
WARNING !!! : see the comment from my friend below (sherly's  bubbling : http://sherlysbubbling.blogspot.com/). She said that better not using diet sugar. Hhm...noted with thanks.
3. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits.
4. Take 8 glasses of water in a day.
5. Do not eat at night. Make sure you have eaten before 6.00 pm. If you're still hungry, just take oat bread. It's save :-)
6. This is the best part I like most. Drink green tea. I like green tea very much. I can drink it about 3 until 4 glasses in a day.

Good luck with your diet! Oh, don't forget to exercise. 2 or 3 times of yoga and fitness, will make you healthier (honestly I'm often lazy....only do it 1 or 2 times in a week. Do not follow this. Hahahahaha).

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2 komentar

  1. eh eh jangan minum gula palsu, nggak sehat, mending jangan pake gula dueehhhh

  2. @Sherly : lha kuwi sing jarene onok aspartam'e. Tp lha ndek kene sek beredar sak akeh"e, San. Lek aku ancen mending tawar opo lek ga tak kek'i madu. Wis ngono. Opo lek ancen kangen legi nemen, yogh nggawe gulo biasa, tp thithik.


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