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Office Girl...Yuhuuuu...

by - 11:31 PM

"Winaaaaaaaaaa....!" My Mom called.
"Yes, Mom." I said.
"Have you cleaned the house?" My Mom asked.
"Hhm, not yet, Mom." I said.
"Hurry up! I don't like to see it. So dirty." My Mom said.
"Okie dokie, Mom." I said.

I shut down my laptop and started to clean every corner in my house. Wiped the cupboard and drawers with a cloth. And last, swept and mopped the floor.
Hhm, I think this office girl it's good enough. 

Yuuhuuuuuuuuu, Mom! Take a look! 

First area, Living Room
  Clean in every corner, Mom!
 Move to our family room
Oooppss, Christmas tree is still there.
I promise, will clean it up soon, Mom.
 Last, it's Dining Room

The house looks clean and bright. I guess that our half day maid will feel relieved as I helped to lightening her job. Sometimes I feel pity of her because she looks exhausted when she came into my house. Maybe she has done many housework in other places...in order to provide her daily needs.  

PS : *each rooms tidiness is responsibility of each inhabitants, wkwkwkwk*

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4 komentar

    kalo udah selese segera kesini , disini juga kotor! :p hihiihhihi

  2. @Yhosie : hahahahahahhaa, pancet ae.Pasti aku di kongkon setriko kan? Megelno.

  3. hahahaha... :))
    sing resik yo , kalo gak ntar q bawain gillete buat nyukur brewok mu =))

  4. @Yhosie : kowe mesthi medeni ngono seh. Melok'o maen film DEXTER ae mari, Chi.


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