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Pattern of Life

by - 12:12 AM

Screamed and pushed hardly, cried loudly, while held the highest pain.
That was the struggle when a mom gave birth. I stayed in a smarting pain when she told me the story. I don't know how to feel it someday as I'm still single and I haven't been a mom yet. 

Those steps haven't finished as she must keep staying beside her children..to watch them grow up.
Feed them, protect them, take care of them, listen to them, and guide them.

Sometimes I watch when my mom is sleeping. Suddenly my eyes are glistening with tears. I just talked by myself, she is so strong. With those two hands she always extend her assistance for her children, especially me. Cheer me up when I'm sad and laugh together when we're happy. 

Mom....to me...you're my pattern of life. Never give up when you're down and always be thankful to God when you received His blessings.

I love you so much, Mom....
I keep praying to God that I can be your sweet daughter forever. And God...I do beg you...please take care my Mom everyday, give her long age and health, so that someday she is able to see me reaching my dreams...and smile in front of me with a pride.

There's nothing I can do beside making you happy, Mom.
I love you... 

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