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Pinkish Heart

by - 7:56 PM

Someone is knocking on my door room.
When I opened it, he came in.
It's my brother.
He asked me : "Can you help me?"
I said : "Sure. What's up?"
He tells me that he is confused how to wrap the special gift for her girlfriend.
I laugh for the first time as when I'm listening his idea.
You know what....
He would like to wrap it by using simple paper like he used to do when
he was at elementary school.
My brother is conservative. He never knows how to act romantically.
He told me that showing attention, care, and protection,
are more romantic
than gifts and whatsoever.
 Ah, men...!
I said to him, it's okay. You don't have to give her expensive gift or any 
romantic things to your girlfriend very often.
But in her special day, once a year...I think it's okay if you're
just giving her special wrapping too.
Having pinkish heart once a year will make your relationship covered by love.
Just like this box as he has chosen...
of course based on my direction, hahahahaha...
Be happy always with your girlfriend, my bro.

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2 komentar

  1. awwww awwww awwwwww co cwiittt

    my husband gives my birthday gift with no ribbon or paper attached...
    just put it in a plastic bag and that was his best effort.. *sigh*

  2. @Yhosie : hahahahahahahahhaha. A man...! So let me conclude, your husband is exactly the same with my brother then. Hahahahahah.


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