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Rujak Petis

by - 5:43 PM

In my country, the biggest main issue right now is the expensive price of chili. Chili is veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy expensive. So...for the chili fans, it will make them sad, including me. I don't know what is going on until the price is getting higher like that. Weather I guess. As the rainfall is high also. Maybe it's causing the chili rotten. Hope this can be managed well and the chili price will be normal like usual again.

"Mom....! Wait....!" 

My Mom and my Dad would like to go shopping our daily needs for a month. I screamed and called her, please bought me rujak petis? I really wanted to eat it. She said okay.

"Don't forget the chips, Mom!"
(chips : kerupuk)

Rujak petis is East Java traditional special food. The main spices is using petis (condiment of fermented fish or shrimp). I'm not sure whether all people like this food. But I do. Hahahahaha. Well, as the chili is very expensive, so the rujak petis did not taste too hot. That's okay, still delicious anyway.

Rujak Petis and the chips 
Various ingredients right?
Kangkung (leafy vegetable usually growing in water)
Taoge (bean sprouts)
Lontong (rice steamed in banana leaf)
Tempe (fermented soybean cake)
Menjes (made from tofu grounds)
Tempe kacang (traditional soybean cake)
Cingur (cartilage and meat of the nostrils and ears of cow)

Petis, peanut, traditional banana (pisang klutuk),
asem (sour condiment made from a fruit), salt,
chili, pulverized in a mortar
 Thanks, Mom!

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4 komentar

  1. ancen nggilani yo rujak petis iku ..
    tp wueennak hahahaha

  2. @Yhosie : wenak puol, masio cingur'e sing mangan Mamaku. Hahahahaha.

  3. Maneh... foto bureng sing marai ngilerrrr. Ngiler nemen iki wesan!

  4. @Sherly : hahahahahahaha, aku mesthi ngguyu angger kowe comment foto panganan postinganku, San.


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