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Speak-Up :-)

by - 1:52 PM

I have pretty long black hair. And I choose to treat it traditionally as I'm Indonesian. A lot of hair products these days, I have tried most all of it and I have decided to use this one regularly.

I really like traditional things. If the materials come from our nature, I will like it more. Now, I have to speak up. I just want to share with all of you.

I found this product when I browsed in Facebook. Finally I met to-ye body treatment. In the beginning, I bought the hair treatment (it can reduce the hair fall) and then I tried other products too, such as body scrub, foot scrub, citrus body splash.

Try it and it's true. The price is not too expensive ;-) Friendly price. Today I have received my package delivery from them and you know what...I got the complimentary of foot treatment. Yey! Thanks to to-ye. The foot treatment is good also, you will get your foot softly and lovely.

Oh, one more thing, their service is professional also. I'm truly satisfied.
For more complete information, you can click these :
  • http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/toye.produkperawatandiri 
  • http://www.to-ye.com/
  • http://to-ye.blogspot.com/
 Hair Treatment

Citrus Body Splash

Foot Treatment

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