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Tear It Apart

by - 2:36 PM

Roti, roti...!!!

I bought this.
Roti coklat keju.
Roti is bread. 
Coklat is chocolate. 
Keju is cheese.

It's CITRA Bakery. Local brand bread from my town.
It's nice. The bread is soft and can't wait any longer....
I directly tear it apart.

Chocolate side

Cheese side

Will be more perfect with a big glass of hot tea

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4 komentar

  1. you drive me nuts with all those food pic!!!!!!!
    aarrggghhhh... tes... tes... tes... slluuurrrpppp.......

  2. @Sherly : hhahahahhahahahah. I can only say : thank you, please come again, visit my blog with other pictures. Hahahahaha.

  3. dimakan sendiri ... huh .. ZzzzzZZZzz...


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