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My Mom said on February 2,2011 it was the turn
to held arisan in our house.
Arisan for gentlemen.

Do you know the meaning of arisan?
Arisan is the regular social gathering whose members 
contribute to and take turns at the winning 
an aggregate sum of money.
It was for our housing complex.
For about 25 people came in my house.
I helped my Mom in the kitchen.
She fried banana, soybean cake, and chips.
Made hot tea. 
And of course served the main course too.
Soto lontong.
Lontong : rice steamed in a banana leaf.

Soto lontong is a soup, the content is
meat, egg, and lontong.

The gravy.
 When the arisan was finished already...
I ate this soto lontong also.
It was raining all day long in my hometown, 
so this food could make me warm.
I added a lot of chili...
it has made soto lontong tasted PERFETTO.

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2 komentar

  1. winaaaa........ it's a nice article
    you put kinds of food inside , wouw... make me ngiller
    you are really a good writers
    go wina go.... and do not ever give up

  2. Hehehehehehhe. Thank you so much for the comment, whoever you are. Your words becoming sort of my zest. Btw...I'm gonna be happy if you keep reading my blog page :-)


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