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Asam Manis

by - 3:47 PM

Great combination,
between sour and sweet.
That's my Mom cooking today.
Ikan asam manis.
Ikan : fish ; asam : sour ; manis : sweet

  Rice as the main menu,
with fried shallot on it.
Sambal jeruk
(Chili sauce with lime)
 Fillet fish.
Hhm, delicious!!!
I can taste the strong spices inside,
kaffir lime leaf, lemongrass, bilimbi (cucumber tree or tree sorrel),
onion, tomato, and coconut oil.
This is including in my Mom Manado food list.
 I think the sweet flavor come from the fish,
as I'm sure my Mom did not put sugar into it.

Ah, bon appetit, mon ami!

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