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Boulettes de viande de porc

by - 12:05 AM

I like Chinese food.
It's delicious.
A lot of types and never make me bored.
Walked along to the Chinatown, it's fun I guess.
You can see fried noodle, fried rice, dim sum,
fuyung hai, or meatball soup.

Today, I really want to eat meatball soup.
With the hot gravy and a lot of chili.
Then I went to Bakso Subur at Jalan Wuni, Malang.
Bakso Subur is famous in my hometown.
Bakso : meatball

Take a look.
I have written about bakso before,
but it's different.
*See my previous article*
At this time, the meatball soup is made from pork.

Ordered a bowl of rice, has made my lunch today so yummmy.
Voila, boulettes de viande de porc.
 I only ate these, two types.
But if you come to the place, there should be many, 
started from the meatballs itself, the fried,
until the innards.

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