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(dedicated to my 2nd brother) Story....Oh....Story....

by - 4:26 AM

We are breathing everyday.
Sometimes I just think, where it's come from?
Or how He makes it?
Truly amazing and unbelievable.
All people are the same.
They're breathing.
It means that He gives the same portion to all of human.

But I'm wondering, why people always make a difference?
You're ugly and I'm pretty.
You have motorcycle and I have luxurious car.
You're fat and I'm slim.
You're black and I'm white.
You're elegant and I'm screw.
You're poor and I'm rich!
You're nothing and I'm valuable. 
Your clothes are cheap and mine are expensive.

Those words really exist huh in our daily life.
People adore the skin. 
I mean outside and not the inside.
No one will see the HEART now.
The pure, honest, and loyal.
People will judge about personal account.
:-) CLASSIC reason.

I can't blame it.
That's the FACT.
 But I do believe...something hidden in the heart...
something about spirit to stay down to earth,
something about the mind who never underestimate other people,
will be taken care by God carefully,
will be raised by Him to the magnificence.
(Mario Teguh also has ever said the same thing about this)
*He's one of the famous motivator in Indonesia)*
Will keep flowing without limit
Keep walking!

I love you, Bro.
You're cool.

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2 komentar

  1. Hidup adalah perjuangan ..
    Tanpanya, hidup akan menjadi hampa.
    besides, that what the life is all about!
    that's what make every moment counts

    ^_^ CA YO


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